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December 04, 2014
Category: Dental Procedures
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Find out the truth about getting sedation dentistry in Ewa Beach.

If you’ve heard about sedation dentistry and are interested in whether it could help calm your dental fears, you may have also heard some misinformation floating around about sedation. Your Kapolei dentist dispels some of the popular myths surrounding sedation dentistry to help give you some peace of mind:

Myth #1: Sedation dentistry puts you to sleep.

Sedation dentistry is not general anesthesia; therefore, we don’t need an anesthesiologist to administer the medication and youSedation Dentistry won’t be asleep. If you’ve ever had surgery before then you’ve most likely had general anesthesia. Sedation dentistry is not the same. However, you will feel relaxed, calm and may even experience “twilight sleep”; however, you will still be able to hear and respond to everything around you. You may not be able to recall parts of your procedure after the fact, but you will be aware throughout your entire treatment.

Myth #2: Sedation dentistry is only for dental phobias.

While sedation dentistry in Ewa Beach can certainly be a breath of fresh air for someone who has a severe dental phobia or is just anxious about seeing the dentist, it can also be helpful for other patients as well including those with sensitive gag reflexes, those who have difficulties sitting in one position for long periods, those who are having multiple dental procedures at once, and those with special needs. Sedation dentistry can make dental visits easier for a variety of different patients.

Myth #3: Sedation dentistry is unsafe.

When using oral sedation, we will use a medication that falls under the category of an anxiolytic. This is better known as an anti-anxiety medication and its extremely safe for those with dental anxieties. Anti-anxiety medications have been used effectively for years and are proven safe for the proper patients. Always tell your Kapolei dentist about any medications you are taking and be open about your medical history.

Now that you know more about sedation dentistry in Kapolei, do you think this could be a great option for you? If so, call your Makakilo dentist today and let us know that you want sedation dentistry during your next visit. After all, we want you comfortable and relaxed while in our chair.