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By Dental Perfections
November 07, 2013
Category: Dental Procedures
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At Dental Perfections we want to improve our interaction with you! We understand that many of our patients already utilize Facebook and Twitter to interact with their friends and family.  By launching our social network, we hope that you will continue to improve your dental knowledge by “following” or “liking” us on Twitter and Facebook.
As a cosmetic dentist serving Ewa Beach, Dr. Kern Agader works with his patients to maintain open lines of communication.  By visiting Dental Perfections’ social network, we hope that you will share your experiences, as well as questions you might have for Dr. Agader and our staff. Whether you are searching for more information on sedation dentistry near Ewa Beach, or any other services, we hope that you will utilize our Facebook and Twitter pages to communicate with us.

Cosmetic Dentist Ewa Beach HI

To easily access Dental Perfections on Facebook, please visit the following link:
You can also visit us on Twitter by visiting the following link:
Whether you are a Facebook enthusiast or Twitter aficionado, we want to improve our communication with you. Through our social network, Dr. Kern Agader, your Ewa Beach area cosmetic dentist, looks forward to sharing important information about Dental Perfections and services offered.
Which do you prefer, Facebook or Twitter? Share your answers below!